What ages do you treat?
We provide intervention to children as young as 18 months through adulthood. While research does indicated that the earlier intervention begins, the better the outcome for your child, ABA can benefit clients across their lifespan. Our goal at UP is to teach your child the skills they will need to attend a traditional education setting when they are ready.

Can you teach my child with autism to talk?

This is probably the most frequently asked question that we receive. Communication skills are our primary focus during ABA intervention. We use a Verbal Behavior approach to teach children how to communicate.  Our clinic-based setting allows us to tailor the environment to motivate children to communicate with their behavior technicians and other children.  Many of our clients do learn to communicate using spoken words, and some of our clients use signs or pictures to communicate.

Does my child need to have a diagnosis of Autism to receive ABA?
ABA can be an effective intervention for many diagnoses. However, most insurance companies do require a diagnosis of autism to receive reimbursement. We also accept private pay for services. We can talk with you about other ways to receive funding for ABA if your child does not have an autism diagnosis.

What are your hours?
Our full time ABA program is offered 8:00-3:00, Monday-Friday.

Doesn't my child need to be around "typical" children to learn appropriate behaviors?

While children with autism who are considered "high functioning" may by able to imitate peers and learn from their behaviors, most children with autism are not able to effectively interact with their environment and others. We have worked with children on the spectrum in preschools and daycare centers for many years, and have seen how they are often excluded from activities and instruction time either due to negative behaviors and/or lack of sufficient staffing. These children require one-on-one teacher to facilitate interactions. Our program provides a full-time behavior technician that works directly with your child to help them learn how to interact with other peers in our clinic. This is what sets us apart from other facilities, and is what research recommends is best for children with autism.

Do you provide OT, PT and SLP?
We do provide outpatient OT, PT and SLP intervention for children that require these services. Our OTs, PTs and SLPs also use ABA principles to guide their sessions so that consistency and behavior expectations are maintained across disciplines.

How are my child's ABA goals determined?
Your child's goals will be determined by an interview with you, evaluations such as the ABLLS-R, VB-MAPP, PEAK, and/or VINELAND, and clinical observations by a BCBA.

How are your behavior technicians trained?
Our BCBAs provide daily on-site training and supervision for our Behavior Technicians. All of our behavior technicians are required to have Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification or be in the certification process. RBT certification requires our behavior technicians to complete at least 40 hours of RBT coursework, pass a competency test given by our BCBAs, and then pass the National RBT Certification Exam. RBT certification ensures that your child's behavior technician has completed a rigorous training process in order to improve your child's quality of care. 

      UP Autism Center was started to fulfill the need for early intensive intervention services for children with autism in central Arkansas. While most preschools and daycare centers offer traditional therapies to address developmental delays, UP Autism Center provides full-time Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA is the ONLY intervention for autism that has over 40 years of research to support its effectiveness, and it is recommended by the US Surgeon General and the American Academy of Pediatrics for teaching children with autism.

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